• GRCbit Software
  • Tool developed in python / web2py, automate and centralize Information Security Risk Management in your organization, to protect assets and systems that store, process and transmit critical information. It is based on best practices such as COSO, ISO 31000, Octave Allegro, NIST, CVSS3.1, so any company regardless of its type or size can use it.

  • Project Monitoring
  • Tool developed in python / web2py to track project activities.

  • TCP Port Analysis
  • Tool developed in python / web2py to analyze TCP ports, identify services and applications, which is useful in the recognition phases of security tests, it generates graphics and reports of services identified.

  • HTTP Proxy
  • Tool developed in python / web2py and mitmproxy, it records the results in a data base, additionally it downloads the public code of the resources identified, so it allows static code analysis.

  • Static Code Analysis
  • Tool developed in python / web2py to analyze static code of a Web / Android applications, it facilitates the tasks of decompressing and decompiling, searching for keywords in code and generating reports.

GRCbit Software


GRCbit Software